About the Book

With a PhD in metaphysics, author Shirley Rose bridges science and spirit. Through her personal experiences, she noticed patterns in her life, realizing she was bringing the same kinds of relationships into her life time and time again. She was making poor choices, and she wanted to change.

Rose started to take responsibility for her feelings and understanding where her feelings originated. She found herself integrating her original experiences, leading her to let go of old patterns. In Integration, she discusses integration as the process of training yourself to learn your life lessons in real time as they are happening. Rose tells how exploring traumatic experiences can help you heal emotional scars that cause you to repeat patterns in your life, patterns that may not be for the greatest good.

Integration encourages you to embrace wholeness and intentional wellness in your life, providing writing prompts that help you examine your actions and attitudes and identify areas where improvements could be made. With warmth and understanding, Rose offers profound insights and gentle guidance.

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